Muziek Fjali

vrijdag 5 jul 2019 | 18:30 - 19:30 A Place To Eat

Combining Jazz and free Improvised music See Sol Jang and Tania Braeckleintell set off to a journey exploring a wide range of emotions. Shifting from sensitive and warm with a touch of melancholy to experimental in this musical performance.

By combining the different life experiences of the Korean pianist Sol Jang and the German violinist Tania Braecklein they are able to create their own musical world.

About Sol Jang

Sol Jang (1992) is a rising young musician and two-time competition finalist jazz pianist. Since she debuts with South Korea’s well- known TV show called “The Great Birth” in 2011, Sol has shaped a strong and unique personal identity and has portrayed musical fluidity. She received her bachelor degree from University of the Arts Philadelphia USA and currently doing her master study in ArtEZ Arnhem (NL).

About Tania Braecklein

Tania Braecklein (1998) is a contemporary violinist and composer based in Arnhem (Netherlands) and Wuppertal (Germany). Tania discovered her love for the violin with the young age of five. After nine years of classical training, she learned to see the beauty of Jazz. She started studying Jazz and Pop Violin atArtEZ Arnhem (NL) 2016 and is still using that time to find new sounds and musical expressions on the violin. She now focuses on modern Jazz and Free Improvisation after playing in Pop Bands for many years.

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Dit is een onderdeel van het Open Call programma op Ruimtekoers georganiseerd door cultuurcentrum Rozet.