Ruimtekoers (EN)

New ideas and dreams

Yes we can! That is the starting point of Ruimtekoers Festival since the first edition. Ruimtekoers is an urban and cultural research presented as an accessible art and community festival. Together with makers (our artists), residents, the public, local governments and entrepreneurs, the public space is used to explore new ideas, dreams and directions for living together in the city. Ruimtekoers organises this in the middle of the city and with the community. Where people live, do their shopping, go sporting and go to school.

How to keep urban areas liveable?

Ruimtekoers is a free and accessible arts and community festival for anyone who wants to make life in the city even better. That is important; with more urban, rural and social challenges it is important to come together. And use the public space as a forum. Where we can meet, talk en experience. Ruimtekoers is therefore not only a very enjoyable festival, but also examines how we keep urban areas liveable. Art and design play an important role in solving these and other social challenges. Because art stimulates the imagination. And we need our imagination to sketch new, positive visions of the future as possible solutions.

Ruimtekoers is also a festival that finds new expressiveness for the makers. Within the festival, they are instructed to sketch those new positive visions of the future. In such a way that you can truly start to believe in them. Art is an emotional language and each form of art appeals to a different group of people. That is why we work with al sort of art forms like conceptual art, theatre, dance, music and workshops. And we present them simultaneously in the same public space during the 5-day festival. But the project actually starts five months earlier. Then the makers start their artistic research to investigate themes in the urban area. In this period, together with residents, policy makers and designers they do visible and tangible research through meetings and workshops in the area.

Ruimtekoers offers valuable concrete and practical answers

It is not just a festival. It is an idea about how to inspire residents, policy makers and designers to contribute to the society through art and participation. This method underlying the festival has been validated in recent years. With the support of an art Master’s at HKU University of Arts Utrecht. With the help of local authorities, housing corporations and art organisations we are capable to further develop this method in other urban and rural areas in the Netherlands. Because the urban and social problems in Arnhem South, where Ruimtekoers Festival takes place, such as drug crime, poverty and absenteeism, can be found in several places in Europe. We believe that this method can offer valuable concrete and practical answers to this problem. Therefore we find it important to share our outcomes and thoughts with professionals from other areas where similar problems occur. And where people with the same intention are working on the solutions.

Feel free to contact us!

Are you interested or do you have a great idea? For example do you want to do an internship or do you want to know more about the method? Feel free to contact us via the artistic director Yosser Dekker: We’d really like that!


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